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Briefly in English

MobiWeb spares bandwidth even 95%, and it is about 7 times faster than any ordinary mobile browser. It also brings WWW to millions of mobilephones, which have not had it before!

Technology of the MobiWeb is based on the idea of running a web browser at the server side. It's not wise to try to run a fully functional browser inside a mobile phone. Instead, it is better to run the browser on a PC, and guide its actions by mobilephone, using it like a kind of remote controller. The only requirement for the mobile phone is Java MIDP 1.0.

The technology of MobiWeb is based on transferring JPEG images and coordinates of the page elements. For example, the pagesize of the original frontpage of the CNN's webpages is about 250kB, but MobiWeb- technology can compile it to a 12kB package! This makes the browsing extremely fast and thanks to the advanced user interface, browsing is also easy.

Download MobiWeb

Please test the MobiWeb -prototype: download MobiWeb to your phone from address:

Instructions to use prototype: you can click links or read text by pressing the fire button.

MobiWeb project is finished. So, improve your Java skills and implement it yourself: you can use Javala learning environment as a starting point :)

Can you reach the top 100 list with your Java skills?

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  • Timo Lehtonen, project manager, technical design

  • Asta Grönlund, user interface design, www-pages

  • Mika Jokinen, technical design